What is proxy bidding?

Place a bid that is the MAXIMUM amount you are willing to spend and the site will place bids on your behalf $1 more than the current bid until your maximum bid is reached. The goal of proxy bidding is to continually outbid other bidders automatically increasing your chances of winning. It also lets you set it and forget it so you don't have to keep checking back.

Do I have to make an account to bid in your auctions?

Yes. It's just so we can get in touch easily if you win an auction. Don't worry, we won't send you any newsletters or daily emails. Plus, it's FREE!

Can I see an item in person before bidding?

No. We take a few pictures and often include measurements and details of the condition to help you decide. Otherwise, we keep starting bids low and then you decide how much you are willing to bid on an item you've never seen.

We don't like "buyer beware" but we do like "bidder, be breezy" because sometimes items are not *exactly* what you imagined and it's good to be flexible. The point is, together we are keeping all of these items out of the landfill and giving them a second chance! 

How long do your auctions run?

Right now, there is no set time so just make sure to look at the countdown clock!

I won! How long do I have to pay?

Winning bids now have a 72 hour window to pay before the bid is cancelled and the runner up becomes the new winner.

How do I get my item?

We offer Pay-What-You-Can local delivery!

Can I return an item I bought?

We do not take returns! Try giving it to a friend or selling it yourself locally! The point of all this is keeping reusable goods out of the landfill.


    Can I customize what's in my Mystery Box?

    No, customizations are not possible. The fun part of the Mystery Box is not knowing what's inside! Don't worry, we wont put anything dangerous or harmful however some content might not be suitable for younger audiences. 

    But, I want to get a box for my kid!

    That we can do! Just email us and we will make you a one-of-a-kind kid-friendly box!

    Can I return a box if I don't like it?

    We do not take any returns! Everything we sell has been salvaged or diverted from the landfill. Our goal is to give this stuff another life. If you're shopping with us, then you want to do that too! If you get something in your mystery box that just wasn't for you then gift it to someone else! 


    Do you buy items/do consignment?

    We do not buy or do consignment but there are many wonderful small businesses in Victoria that do!

    I'm looking for something specific, can I make a request?

    While we really appreciate everyone's requests (because it means you think we are doing a good job woo!) what we salvage and when is out of our control. Just keep your eyes peeled to our Instagram page @cornerstorevic for updates on new auctions! 

    Do you take donations?

    While we don't have a donation service (yet) we do sometimes make special arrangements to receive donations. If you think you have some reusable goods that would like to donate to us, send us an email:  cornerstorevictoria@gmail.com

    Where do you get all your stuff?

    We work with local recycling companies to help divert reusable goods from the landfill!

    I need junk removal services!!

    Awesome! Send us an email: cornerstorevictoria@gmail.com and we can recommend a local company to help you out :)

    Do you ship?

    YES! Shipping is calculated automatically for items in our Ready-To-Buy collection. Auction items can also be shipped (depending on size of item) but the shipping costs will be calculated after items are paid for in a separate invoice.

    Gotta question we didn't answer here?  Email us! cornerstorevictoria@gmail.com